3 Jul 2008

So Last Season

Seriously now, this trend is definitely getting old. :| It's no longer fun to see people wearing this around their necks. Okay, so I'm no fashion critic but please! This is so last year. I think I've worn mine enough. It's time to give the scarf a break. My dad's desiring on sporting one though. Not that I'm going to tell him to not wear one, he can go do whatever he wants. He's my dad! And he's only planning to use one during his class in the Mac room since it's like totally cold in there, like SO COLD. Hah, moving on.

I have training tomorrow. FINALLY! I've been itching to do so, and now (or tomorrow), I'd finally be able to go. *Big grin* Dad bought me shoes last Monday. Another thing to be excited about of course. Especially the sport itself. I've been itching to play football for the longest time. Since I've been stuck with futsal since elementary. Now it's time to try a different sport. Since this isn't one of the choices for PE during the enrollment period. So now I'm going to start training, and hopefully I get into CFAD's women's football team. So I'd get a one on my PE. Haha, okay never mind. It's because I hate my PE. A lot. I hope I don't do further damage to my ankle.. which I probably will. If you don't have any idea at all about what happened to me, I twisted my ankle when I fell on two different gutters in two different places with the same setting on the same day. Whew! Confusing much? Ehh, not quite. But you do get what I mean, right? Then my ankle swelled. It was an awful sight, and a much, much awful feeling.

Yesterday I went to school with a bandage wrapped around my foot. I begged my dad the night before to send me to school with the car. So I was safe. Hah, I walked around school and looked stupid. D: And my crush and his friends saw me like that. How embarrassing! It wasn't cute, damn it.

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