14 Jul 2008

Stalking 101

Be honest when I ask you this: Have you ever stalked someone before? I mean, have you ever tried looking up a certain someone you just literally saw in school maybe? Like, finding him in Friendster and looking for common friends? It's funny when you get a bit too obsessed with a person. It can be bad, it can be good. Good if the person shows interest. For example, looking at you intently.

Another question popped in my mind though, how do you know when a person (who is a complete stranger to you) is interested? I mean, when you turn to the person is he staring at you already? Because in all honesty, I am clueless - absolutely and completely clueless. HELP.

I'm not a flirt. I'm just unsure.
--You could be saying this, for all I care. ;) I don't think it's a sin to flirt.

Girls just wanna have fun.

I have about ten plates to finish within the week. Some before Wednesday, a few before Thursday, the rest on Saturday. School is killing me. I barely have enough time to sleep. Plus, I'm sick. Probably because I got a bit soaked under the rain yesterday. I hate these times. Colds + Cough + Fever = DOESN'T MATCH AT ALL. This sucks. :(

Another first happened today, though. It was really nice.

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