21 Jul 2008

Just a quick post

It's almost 1030 in the evening right now as I type. I'm trying to make it as quick as possible because of some things I still have to do. You know, school stuff. I swear, school is killing my social life! Right now, I'm thinking of my BFF, Aki. I've spent one whole year with him doing nothing in fashion school except for sewing, pattern-making, and having fun. Zack actually told me that school was going to ruin our friendship. Well it won't ruin anything! I'm just hella busy and I can't accommodate everything at the same time. I'm prioritizing. And I know what to put first -- studies, studies, studies, plates, plates, plates.

I got my first taste of a sleepless night doing plates already last Friday-Saturday. Seriously, no sleep at all. Thank goodness I didn't fall asleep on my way to the LRT because Chean (blockmate) and I went to school together. So we were practically dissing our professor. No offense sir. ;) I bet you also did this to your professors when you were in college! Haha! No lies, okay? Anyway! Thanks to the caffeine I had to intake before doing the plates, helped a lot. I suddenly wondered why I didn't feel sleepy. Because usually, drinking coffee makes me drowsy. Odd. Anyway, I wasn't able to finish all the plates. It was fo' defo' insane! It was okay though. I mean, there's always next time, right?

Tomorrow is PE day! And I hate PE. Thank goodness I know a lot of people from that PE. Three classmates and then some. I'm not exactly looking forward to it, seeing that I missed two consecutive sessions already. First was due to the plates I had to submit to my professor, second was because of my sudden illness which lasted for a week. Oh well, I better have the letter from my parents ready by tomorrow!

One more thing, we were at the Engineering building today. It was quite fun. :) Can you believe it? Engineering building being fun?

Me: Tignan nyo yun oh! *points at some guy from afar* Parang si Carl (blockmate :P) na kinompress!
Friends (Mineza, Des, Jelly and Paeng): *laughs*
Me: Nakakatuwa naman! *thinks* Ang galing, kamukha pa nya pinsan ko!
*Guy passed by in front of us. I was still looking intently*
Me: Mon! *Guy looked at me.*

Turns out, it was really my cousin. It's such a shame, he had to see me with that thing stuck between my fingers. I should stop this. Mom already knows what's going on. Mico told me about it. Speaking of Mico, I miss him! Hah.

So this is the end. Of the post, I mean.

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