7 Jul 2008

Intergallactic Love Affair

I am a busy bee. I practically live in España and just sleep at home. I spend more time doing plates than planning gigs. I would actually trade anything (aside from doing plates and having time to do something to have a high grade) for a long, good night sleep. I set my alarm at four and wake up at five just because. And I really wish I could always be early.

I'm definitely skipping PE tomorrow, I'll pe finishing ALL my plates due for the week. But then I still have to go to school to submit my section's plates to our professor. Also, I lost my Canson sketch pad. :| Stupid brain let me forget about it. Both my plates in Mechanical Drawing are there. I guess I'd just have to tell my prof about it on Saturday and beg him to let me make new ones. *sigh*

I don't have time for my friends outside of school anymore. I'm sorry, guys. :(

My schedule is filled to the brim. But I'm happy that I actually get to do something everyday. Idleness makes me sad. This is better than doing nothing. But I am hoping for a day where I can just relax. I don't want to cram anymore.

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