13 Jun 2008

My Dog

I recently found out due to extensive observation that one of my dogs is a Border Collie (dog above is not mine). Everything about him (Saddam, the dog) resembles that of a real Border Collie. So we (my family and I) figured out while browsing through a book about dogs that he is one. Ignore the name if you may, please. None of it was my idea. It was purely Junichi's (my brother's friend). But it's my fault I asked him the night he was given to us. He's a very nice, loyal, sweet and very reserved dog. Believe it or not, he eats a piece of bread little by little. He's also very shy and fierce at the same time. Amazing huh? Maybe you should meet him. Together with our three black Labradors and two natives. *Sigh* I love animals.

It was just twelve midnight and I was already sleepy. Come one in the morning and I was already closing my eyes. During these times I'm not usually sleepy yet since I typically sleep around two or three. To think that I've only been to two days of school. And my body clock's already worked up. Which means I don't get to stay up a lot often. No parties, I guess. And no more late-night texting with Paulo. Haha oh well. Monday will roll by and his classes would start. The both of us will be starting to sleep earlier! Haha.

Can anyone hook me up with a four-year supply of band aid? You know, for my paltos. New shoes do this to me all the time. Even if they're just the right size. Ah well, at least I know I'm not the only one who's been getting paltos due to new school shoes! Haha! And I hate to admit it but I just bought those foot-stockings. The ones some college girls use for their school shoes. Yeah that, I just bought two pairs last night since this is an emergency. Although me and my classmates decided to bring flip flops with us everyday. And wear them every break time.. If we do have a break that is. I mean, our Saturday schedule is just dope. Mondays are okay, we only have to stay in one room for three minor subjects. I only have one subject on Tuesday which is PE. And I'm just thankful that Pau (my classmate) and I have the same PE schedule (and sport). So yes. It doesn't bother me anymore. The PE, I mean.

I need a new wallet. Mine might suddenly give up on me. Not very good. No, not good at all.

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