17 Jun 2008

Wait For it to Come


Today was tiring as usual. Just like yesterday. And the other day. And the other, other day. *sighs* I know what I got myself in to, but I didn't think that it was going to be this stressful already! *thinks* It's the time. Waking up very early (for most of us) and going home in a not so reasonable time. Having three subjects per day at the most that lasts not less than three hours. And the heat makes it worse. That's it, I'm staying inside Beato tomorrow. And I'll just go out to eat. And only 'til after school with Dora since she's really coming (She promised). I hate my PE -- it's gonna be held outdoors. I hope it rains every time we have it. :| I'm not a fan of the sun.

I miss you so much :(

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