7 Jun 2008


I saw this movie last Wednesday with my friends from school (Aki, CJ, Aron, Jackie, Celine, Jonie, Bebang and Andrei although he doesn't go to my school). It was so funny! Especially this one part when Miranda found out that her husband cheated on him. It was funny for all of us since two people from the group can relate to the extremes. The rest of us were just suppressing our laughters. The clothes were amazing! Everything was just glorious. I can't wait to go to Manhattan.

New York is everything I've dreamed of. And also London, France, Italy!

Designer brands, high-living, fabulous life style, high-heels, stilettos, front-row seats, VIP passes, Celebrity status.

I want the ultimate Manhattan life.

And I'm willing to work hard for it. :D

Tyler, baby.. Please come home ♥
Mommy can't wait to finally have you in her hands. You're too precious to not look for. And you are for my career! XD

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