14 Nov 2011

Six Months Late

Sometimes I wish that I was a consistent blogger but I'm just too much of a lazy person to do so. I find it hard to be productive. However, today is an exception. I finally decided to write and it's about what happened six months ago. I only got a hold of some photos today so don't look at me like that.

Last summer, I hung out with one of my favorite people, Annie. She's my URock partner (most of the time) back when NU107 was still standing. We had a Cinabbon date just like Lily and Robin from How I Met Your Mother except we didn't share a Cinnabon. She was so sweet, she paid for mine! Yep, like a real date. We hung out in Robinsons Galleria to relish our memories of the late NU107 and then to Shangri-La Mall 'cause she's never been there. I took the liberty to take her Shang virginity. Anyway, here are some pictures courtesy of Annie.

Awkward Anne and Annie are awkward.

This is Annie and I took this picture.

Her favorite photo from the set. My rings (The cigarette totally ruined the photo if you ask me) plus some of myself (legs, shoes, bag).

And then there's this. Taken with Annie's Vivitar film camera. It's pretty wicked if you ask me. This is my current photo on Facebook. Been trying to upload it on Twitter but it wouldn't let me. Ugh. The annoyance.
We actually have more photos but too bad they got messed up when she had them developed.

Well that's about it! For now that is. Pray that I decide to blog some more about other random stuff. :)

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