21 Nov 2011

Revenge of The Sith.. and Minnie Mouse

Last Friday, I went out and had dinner with one of my closest friends, Ched. It was rather spontaneous. It was around 6.30 in the evening when she called to ask me where I am. Obviously, I told her that I was home and that I haven't even had a bath yet. My major plan for that day was to do nothing, and let me tell you, she ruined it. I couldn't say no to a free dinner so yes, I gave in and told her that we can meet up in Greenbelt.

As a girl, I would normally take an hour and thirty minutes to get ready. But I was surprised that by 7:18PM, I was already out of the house. Usually, my impromptu outfits suck, this one was a completely different story. When I hopped on the shower, I kept in mind that I have to wear my new booties. That was it! This is what I came up with.

Minus the Minnie Mouse ears, of course. Let's remember that it isn't Halloween anymore.

That lovely shirt over there is actually for sale in my online shop (Vintage Asylum, that has yet to launch a collection) but a button was missing, so I just decided that I'll have it for myself. That would have to be the highlight of my outfit (in my opinion). A lot of people tend to notice the bag - it's from my grandma in Germany. So, the boots. You know me, I can just live in my sneakers but these shoes make me want to buy more of it's kind! It's my first time to own a pair of wedges. Crazy, right? They'll be serving as my school shoes during days that wouldn't involve too much walking.

I kept my accessories down to a minimum seeing that the shirt itself is already a scene-stealer. The gold ring with the ruby heart is my mom's engagement ring, she also owns the Swiss Army watch and the ivory bracelets that I wear with everything, while the Darth Vader ring is from a bazaar in school and I love it!

So I met up with her in Greenbelt and we had dinner at My Thai. We were going to eat in Recipes but there were so many people. We even thought of eating at Krazy Garlik and Chili's but to no avail. My Thai was pretty empty. That doesn't mean they don't serve good food. You should totally try them out!

Her cousin who is also my other good friend dropped by and we had quite the chit chat. It was a fun night. :)

I really prefer having dinner with friends and coffee afterwards, rather than being guest listed in some club. Just saying.

I have this look posted on Lookbook. How lame could I get? Haha!

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