18 Nov 2011

Pre-Christmas Haul

I finally had the chance to remove a couple of things from my wishlist. I've been itching to do so since I came up with it and now I can already say "I just did!". Here are some of the things that I bought / has been given to me this month.

David Bowie shirt from Zara. Given to me by my mom's best friend, Tita D. She's so sweet!

Remember my birthday wishlist this year? This item is one of those. I'm really glad I can finally remove it from the list. Been looking for 'em forever!

I know that my Christmas Wishlist 2011 says that I wanted an iPhone 4(s). I do, honest! But I recently bought a Blackberry sine I obviously cannot afford an iPhone 4(s). But it's all good! I love my Blackberry! It's only a Curve 8520 but it isn't that bad. As long as I can Tweet and use Blackberry messenger then I'll be all right. What's so nice about it is that I can finally talk to my friends overseas who own a BB as well!

One of the things I was so excited about when a really good friend of mine came home from France is this wand. Yes, I asked him to get me a wand as pasalubong. Pretty geeky of me but still.. come on people! It's a freaking wand! A legit Harry Potter merchandise wand! I initially wanted Luna Lovegood's wand since she's definitely one of my favorite characters in the series but only a couple of wands were available (Voldemort's, Hermione's and the elder wand), so I chose Hermione's!

YES! I FINALLY HAVE A NEW PAIR OF VANS AND IT'S THE ONE I'VE BEEN WANTING SINCE I CAN'T REMEMBER!!! I was supposed to buy the all black Vans Authentics but they only have it in men's sizes (which I thought was incredibly sexist, by the way) which made me sad. So I thought of buying the Lo Pro Authentics (they're for women) in all black. But when I tried them on, they looked too much like my worn-out Keds Champions. I was already going to pay for them when I stopped the cashier and just opted for this one. I am so happy.

I never got around to owning a pair of wedges and nice lace up boots so I thought, why not hit two birds in one stone by buying this lovely pair of wedge booties?! I've had my eye on these babies since I saw a similar pair in Aldo (they cost four times more than this one did). They were so comfortable that I couldn't not buy them (I will also be using them for school)! Bought them on the same day as the Vans and I felt semi guilty. I've never spent so much money in a day. I swear I'm such a cheapskate but it doesn't happen everyday anyway and it's okay to spoil myself every once in a while.

Now this isn't included in my wishlist. Got them from some perfume store in Cash & Carry so they're a great steal!

I had rings in my wishlist right? I'm replacing those with these. A Darth Vader ring and cross earrings. Need I say more?

So that's it for my November haul. I know, I have a really bad case of impulse buying. Please remind me not to get anything unless I super need it!

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