19 Dec 2009

Long time no see

So I haven't posted in a while. A lot has happened lately, good and bad. But all in all things have been great. My friends are still awesome, they're always there for me. Okay let's cut the crap! I forgot the last time I posted something here.. but I'm pretty sure that was the time when my eyes were heart-shaped and I was all for love. And I guess I'm glad to say that I'm not that person anymore? Ah yes, the highlight of my year: My break-up. Well, most of you might think that I was the one who did the dirty job but you're wrong. My then-boyfriend was the one who broke up with me.. asshole tried to get back with me the same night. And I was like "WHAT?! YOU WERE THE ONE WHO BROKE UP WITH ME AND NOW YOU'RE SAYING YOU CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT ME?" Yeah well, long story short I didn't wanna be with him anymore. You know why? Because I know, deep inside, that he's got another girl on his tail. He's not hot or anything, he just has this huge sex appeal I guess. But he's a liar, you know, he lies about the little things and that annoys me. Can't just tell the truth. Thanks so much to Nicole (his ex who is now a good friend) I found out more stuff he lied about. Besides, I'm not ready for a real commitment yet. Sure it's nice that you can say that this guy was your boyfriend for ages but then it doesn't really matter. There was no more spark, no more kilig factor, no more exciting things going on, everyday with him has been average days - not fun-filled, exciting and out of the norm days. I'm not going to sit here and tell all of you how much of a clean person I am. Me = not girlfriend material, seriously. I get tired easily, I give up right away, I like checking other guys out, I like to drink, I like to party, and I'd choose my friends over any douche bag.

Other than that, I'm trying to live my life to the fullest - specifically my youth. I'll be nineteen next month and it is NOT thrilling me. My goal was to be forever seventeen but that's humanly impossible. Anyway, leaving my teen years would probably be the most awful thing ever. But then again, I know being twenty would be as much fun. Besides, I'm not the only one who's gonna be a year older from the teen numbers. Hey look, I'm trying to be positive here okay?

So, you want pictures? I'll give you pictures.. in another entry. Because I am too lazy right now to upload and choose. Oh, got my hair dyed a lighter shade, by the way. Loving it to the max. Aiming to get thinner over Christmas break. I need to fight all sort of distraction!

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