8 Aug 2009

Welcome back?

I am unpredictable, thus my sudden update here in my old, not-so-abandoned blog. Have you seen this coming? I haven't.

Lately, I've realized that my social life outside school is suddenly disappearing. I rarely - or NEVER see my friends outside UST anymore. Right now my life revolves around my family, College friends and boyfriend. Too much of the same thing isn't healthy. After classes, I would go straight home. No gimmicks on weekends, no alcoholic beverages or anything close to such. Maybe I'm complaining, maybe I'm not.. what can I say, I'm a very fickle person. I've been a good student, an obeying daughter and a good friend and girlfriend but it just feels like there's something missing? Only time will tell. Yes, me and my crazy head.

What's so fun about blogger is that you don't have to maintain any sort of "karma". I feel so carefree. If only I wasn't so lazy to update this blog.

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