11 Sep 2009

Late night dress up

(black top: Tiendesitas; Sequine-like belt: Germany; Bodycon skirt: self-made)
I'm so proud of myself for being able to make my own bodycon skirt! It's Japanese cotton by the way. It was a skirt I made two years ago in fashion school. It's really long, I had to fold it and pin it up so it wouldn't drop or whatever.

(Skeleton shirt; white tank: No Boundaries)
And yes, I am also very fond of DIY-ing my stuff. Skeleton shirt by yours truly.

(Shirt: mom's closet; vintage necklace; high-waisted shorts: Tiendesitas)

(Red faux snake skin belt: Germany; Plaid high-waist tulip skirt: Thrifted)
Found the striped tee in my mom's closet. It was pretty crisp. And there were parts that was eaten by ants / cockroaches. Ugh. Annoying much? This shirt looks great with high-waisted stuff.
That night I also decided to play with red lipstick.

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