6 Nov 2009

Blogging in a different dimension

(Pink tiered dress, ripped stockings, and peep toe booties)

All for the sake of updating my now-fashion-blog.

Halloween is probably my new favorite holiday besides Christmas. Yes, you can call me a loser for only discovering it now. It's only because of my religious mother who somehow doesn't allow me to celebrate and dress up. So this is my first Halloween party, thankyouverymuch. I dressed up as a modernized Molly Ringwald from Pretty in Pink. No, not really. It was an impromptu thing I did because I couldn't decide what to wear.

The shoes are new. Bought them last Friday (30th of October) even if it was mom's birthday. She really liked them, too. For me, of course. They're the most comfortable heels, I own! They don't hurt my feet in a jiff so I'm happy. Really good for normal days, I must say.

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