12 Aug 2010

Geldof Sisters

Last night, during Nicole and I's long chat conversations, we have attained a new obsession: Peaches and Pixie Geldof. The two girls are London's it girls. I mean how can they not? Look at their faces! More over, check out their style! It all started when Nicole posted this photo on my Facebook wall saying that they remind her of the two of us so I told her that they remind me of the both of us as well! Want proof?

I am so going to lose twenty pounds. Do you see the resemblance?

I don't want to flatter myself but we both have small faces short hair and long legs. Although she obviously looks a gazillion times better than me with her thin frame and lovely fashion statement. Not that I don't have style but I haven't been going out much. On my next night out or whatever with Nicole, we'll make sure to take a similar photo like that of Peaches and Pixie's picture.

You have no idea how happy I was when I saw this. Ash Stymest with Pixie Geldof. Wow.

Do we remind you of Peaches and Pixie Geldof, too? :)

I am so going to have a little one-man shoot here in my room. Pixie Geldof-themed, of course!

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