8 Aug 2010

Manila Design Week 2010

Oh hey look! It's Manila Design Week once again and can I just say that I am nothing but stoked about this event? I will be completely honest with you though. This is my first time to attend any event under MDW just because I wasn't the type of person who was big on attending events such as this. Now I'm trying to involve myself a little bit more in the art scene.

Last night was (I think) the first event for MDW2010; Wall Lords. It's a competition between crews and the winner gets to go to China for another competition. Some of my friends were a part of the competition as well and their crews bagged the second and third place so congrats to you guys! Anyway, I went with Nicole since she likes these kinds of events. Went to her place first before we headed down to Makati. We had three outfit-changes and ended up with the first one. What's the lesson here? I don't know!

Kookoo Ramos' work



These are just a few of the photos. Maybe I'll upload some more when I'm not too lazy to rearrange them.

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