12 Aug 2010


I just had the hardest time categorizing my blog in Bloglovin'. I didn't know if I'm a fashion blogger or an art blogger or a photo blogger. Because I am all three! So what I did was that I categorized myself under art. Generally speaking. Fashion and photography still falls under art. Right?

Hmm, my blogging popularity has dropped greatly since I was an immature high-schooler with almost no originality (yes I am guilty as charged). And now I'm back on my feet - back to blogging. And I'm really hoping that people would appreciate this instead of dissing me countless of times because come on now, where will that take you? As we all know it, it will not get you anywhere.

So hello, let me re-introduce myself. I am Anne Vitug, nineteen, living and breathing the polluted air of Manila, studying the finest of all arts and is dreaming of becoming well, a well-known person in the art and fashion industry.

Nice to meet you, too.


Luisa said...

Yay we're back to blogging! <3 *links*

AV said...

Yes I am! :) Yayyy