28 Mar 2008

I'm spilling my guts on you from now on

I realized that I don't necessarily need a looooooooooong post. Actually I think having a long post is boring. Like you don't have a social life. Pero joke lang. :)) Because writing and ranting is fun! Actually right now I've been practicing my words also known as writing. This only happens when I'm reading a really good book and it lifts my spirits. I remember it like it was yesterday. Writing is my first love. Until now actually but I'm starting to become more realistic and try all sorts of fields. Right now I'm focusing on my fashion designing, and then comes photography. Also I'm trying to put my production together. It's still a bit confusing but I'm starting to get used to it.

Right now I'm reading the Twilight Saga like everybody else. It's a very interesting book and a great read to think that I have an obsession with vampires since I don't know when. I learned about this book from Krista. And the moment I red what it has to say at the back, I know this was going to be a habit. So I'm right. I bought Twilight last Monday (March 24), finished it the following day which was a Tuesday. And since I was in Quiapo that Tuesday, I only began reading again around five in the afternoon when we were already on our way home. Then when I was done with it, I bought New Moon (Wednesday). I'm not really surprised why I'm not yet done with it now because I was basically preventing myself from reading it further because I still didn't have the third book which is Eclipse. I'm just so glad that my dad would rather splurge on books for me rather than clothes. But I'm good either way. He's buying me more black skinnies because of school this June. Anyway, he got me Eclipse a while ago since I've been bugging him about this whole thing since I reached half of New Moon on the first day that I was reading it. I was no other than devastated for New Moon to come to an end. So I stopped for a while. Deciding to watch Hana Kimi (Japanese version) first because I just don't want to read yet.

June excites me. I'm finally going to start going to college.. as in the real thing. Because this fashion school I'm in right now isn't really college - just a vocational course. Next semester I'll be taking up Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts in UST. Where, apparently, my parents graduated from college. Ah well. Can't wait for the new environment. It's a whole new thing. And to think that I get to hang out with Dora almost everyday, after school! :D Just the thought of it makes me happy. Dora's actually one of my best friends. She's awesome!

I think I'm so crazy about the Twilight saga that I even put a countdown timer of Breaking Down (fourth book). What can I say right? I love it to bits! Great now I can't wait for my dad to get home.

On the lighter side of life that doesn't involve books (at the moment), I still don't have any decent plan this summer that would be quite.. summer-y. Except for probably a lot of slacking off, too much heat and chilling in the mall (Shang, specifically). Although to be honest I still have school. And I still have to finish one last project which won't take me too long, hopefully. Anyway, I don't have swimming plans yet. Although I'm looking forward to one. Hopefully in Batangas or in the Subic area. Dig my toes in the sand, people watch and have a train of words echoing in my ear.. something that I could put in my next story.

Speaking of writing stories! I'm working on one right now.. again. It's sort of based on the Twilight Saga. Vampires and stuff like that. Hopefully I come up with something better. I want the story to be somewhat unpredictable.. And that's what I'm trying to do at the moment. Something that's all mine. I don't want it to be a reflection of Stephenie Meyer's books. Although that's what's happening right now. But I'll fix it up when I'm done with it. Hopefully it's long enough to be a novel. All I can do right now are mini novels. :))

So I shall go on with whatever it is that I'm doing. Maybe I'll tell you about something funny tomorrow.. just maybe.

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