31 Mar 2008


Today hasn't been eventful. Nothing too exciting happened (except for the fact that I almost got hit by multiple cars). After school I just went to High Street to meet up with my parents. I bought a book, too; All-American Girl: Ready or Not. It's a sequel. Anyway, my mom also treated me to Sonja's. I've been bugging her about it every time we're in the area and I finally got it my way. Actually today isn't too bad. I got a book, a cupcake I've always wanted and a pair of bikini. Not so bad, I know. But the heat just wasn't very pleasing. It hurt my skin to the core. I felt it on every inch of my body. The sweat dripping through my forehead. You have no idea how much of a relief it was when I finally rode the cab. And then the moment I got to Bonifacio High Street, I went straight to Fully Booked. Other than that, I could describe today as not like any other day I have. Because today was extremely boring. And school didn't help me that much with that. I thought it was even more boring in school. It's just better when I'm out of it.

Ah. The down slides of not having a summer vacation. But the good thing is that, I still have allowance. Tell me about how much it rocks to have allowance over the summer.

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