3 Apr 2008

Look at the sun!

Yesterday wasn't a very good day.. At least the beginning and some parts of it. Not really the majority but you know what I mean. My schedule yesterday was to go to UST, submit the requirements and then go to Shang and see Shutter with Mico. Pretty smooth going I know but then I lack one Certificate of Good Moral and the yellow paper thingy that proves that I passed. And also, I don't have two 2x2 pictures yet so when we got to UST, the first thing that I did was that I had my pictures printed. Then went to CFAD with my father to submit my requirements. I know it's not a very good first.. I should have had everything that I needed before I submit. I thought I had all the things I need to bring and submit. Using my father's authority this early isn't very good. But I do know that when I start studying in UST, I won't be using that any longer.. probably. Ah well. But things went well, I'm glad. All I lack is that Certificate of Good Moral thing.. That's just it.

I finished everything I had to do in UST around 3.30pm. And since Shutter starts at 5pm, I had to be early of course because I do know that time is gold. But since my mother is.. well.. my mother, we always had to pass by some place. And in this case, we had to pass by St. Lukes because Nico (a friend from church) was sick and his mom is a friend of my mom (obviously). He's awfully sick, and I hope he gets well ASAP. But mom was the only one who went to his room. My dad and I were too hungry to even face people and socialize. Sure, but maybe after we've eaten.. we're really grumpy people. Anyway as usual, my mom took long. We waited for her for more than 30 minutes. And she knew that I was in a rush. Of course I couldn't really say anything about her not being time-conscious (again) but she's my mom, and I'm just her kid. But when I'm the one who gets late for what? Five minutes? She gets infuriated. Not quite a sight. She always lays on the guilt trip. Ugh. Anyway I got to Shang around 5.05pm; not that bad, I know but then I wasn't able to start the movie. Ugh. But then I'm totally cool with it.

After the movie, we went to The Ledge. And then to Cibo where grandma (Espina's) was. And the fact that the cute waiter was the one who served us. The one who went to Spain and came back (inside joke). I sent Cassie a message that very moment. And then after that, we went to Tender Bob's to eat. We didn't eat in Cibo. It's just grandma. I got pork chops. Since I don't want buger. Tender Bob's is really good, a bit pricey though but I think it's worth it. Then Mico and I bought candies. OH JOY. I love the sunflower seed thingy and also the pebble-looking ones. And of course the Dracula teeth. Just delish. So we came back to Tender bob's. Oh, we also took some pictures. The day wasn't so bad after all, huh?

They liked the blurred pictures.. After watching Shutter and all that. *Shrugs*

Today is Mico's birthday. And to him, I give my half a bottle of long neck stuck in my room! Inuman na. :))

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