19 Apr 2008

What About Happiness?

I'm currently focusing on my styling. And in all honesty, I don't think I'm getting a paid styling job anytime soon. But I did a shoot with besties Aki (David, actually: Designer) and Ivana (Bang: Model) for Chalk but I didn't get paid. It was more of a something to be put in my portfolio. Not bad, right? So I am requesting you, you and you to buy Chalk's June issue.

Anyway last Wednesday I met up with Jen at Shang since she's leaving for the US (for college) on the 26th. Boohoo. So we scheduled this thing right away the moment I found out. So yeah, I was wearing my mother's top that seemed like a dress to me (since it's in a big size and all that) and shorts underneath of course. I didn't mind the looks, really although it was quite bothering at the start since I did begin my day in frickin' Makati. No, not Makati-Upscale but Makati-PLAZA FAIR. Haha! Seriously now? But we went to Glorietta right after to meet up with thy awesome friends. Then to Shang. So back on track, Jen and I were in Zara and these girls were dressing up the mannequins. Seriously, they style the mannequins for Zara. I got pretty envious, to be honest. I'm right now compiling/fixing my portfolio for future jobs and stuff and I was sort of hoping to get into this window/mannequin styling job. Something a bit grand, you know? Maybe for Gucci, or Escada, or Versace, maybe Chanel and Burberry. But if not then I guess Zara's a great start! I know it's upscale at some point but I really would love to work for them. What's holding me back? School. I'm enrolling in UST this coming Thursday (24th) so this is what I'm practically busy about. Sigh. I really want that job.

8 Things which Anne is Passionate About

Talking (Haha)
Fashion books... ?

8 Things which Anne Wants To Do Before She Dies
Shop 'til I drop!
Go to London
Go to New York
Shop in LDN
Shop in NY
Have my own grand fashion show
Be famous
Get really rich

8 Things Anne Says Often
"No way!"
"I think..."
"I honestly think that those people aren't drawn to fashion because they actually like it. It's just for the heck of it."

8 Books which Anne Has Read Lately
New Moon
Royally Jacked
Spin Control
Pride & Prejudice
That's about it, I guess.

8 Songs which Anne Can Listen To Over and Over
Uh Oh - Taken By Cars
Such Great Heights - The Postal Service
Like a Star - Corinne Bailey Rae
It Means Nothing - Stereophonics
Chemistry of a Car Crash - Shiny Toy Guns
The Way I Am - Ingrid Michaelson
Naive - The Kooks
You Could Be Happy - Snow Patrol

8 Things That Attract Anne to Her Best Friend(s) *In my case
They make me happy.
They get me.
They make so much sense after all my stupidity.
They make me feel better after a horrid day.
We all have the same thinking at times.
We're all opposites but we get along well.
I have fun with them.
They're absolutely, simply the best.

I'm saving up PhP10,000 for these dresses. And they're not just dresses. Dress #1 is Chanel while Dress#2 is Gutey. But there are other dresses that I'm incredibly attracted to. Like this MiuMiu and AnnaSui dress. And also these BCBG dresses and Maxmara! Oh and I can't forget Dior. Their prices make me sad though. I think I need to have a job first before I buy them. But they're so cheap! Compared to the original price of course. And they're not fake. My friends are selling them for really low prices (compared to the original price.. again). And I'm practically in love with them. :x Sigh, I can't wait to have money.

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