24 Apr 2008

Quick Post!

I'm enrolling in UST today. Actually and honestly I'm a bit nervous, I have no idea what to expect or what to do for that matter. They said parents weren't allowed inside, I wonder why? But my father's a professor, does that mean he's allowed inside or not? I mean, if he does go in there as a teacher or whatever. You get my point? I'm dead serious when I told you I was nervous. I hope we finish fast though, I don't want to stay in line for more than two hours. See Franz and myself have experienced the whole reservation of slots thing in Benilde where I was supposed to go to school and we waited in line for a long time, I tell you! But we didn't get to enroll. Ah well. I hope Danee (a friend who's going to UST as well) arrives early so we can go in line together or something. And then we'd know the process together. I'm not used of being alone especially in an environment I'm not familiar of (I will be soon, though). Dump me in Glorietta or Shangri-La, I'd know where to go. Do you get the whole point now? And I hope I don't forget anything like when I submitted my requirements (I went there with just one copy of the Certificate of Good Moral and I don't have the bright yellow paper which states that I passed with me!), because I swear, I will freak! But anyway I asked Danee what to bring. One of her batch mates already enrolled and she (the batch mate) told Danee that we would need the long paper and the Certificate of Enrollment. In that case I'm bringing the Admission Slip (the yellow paper we, the USTET-takers, had with us during the exam together with the receipt)
since it's stated there that it would be needed on the enrollment itself.

They said that the enrollment process was tiring. And literally breath-taking. We might need to walk to the main building and back to the CFAD then to the gym. Heck, I'm just extremely thankful that I just have to get my schedule and probably enlist in a PE (I'm choosing soccer, definitely) then pay. Sounds like a piece of cake, I know! But when I get there, I don't know.. I just don't know.

Oh my. Is this a quick post? I swear, it is. I've been typing for just around five minutes. So maybe I'm too focused on ranting about the enrollment and stuff. Wait until the first day. That would be something else.

My heart is pounding inside my chest like there's something in there trying to get out. Yes, I'm very much nervous about the enrollment. Petty thing, petty thing. That's what I keep on thinking about, that's what I'm currently thinking about. And I can't wait to get this over with! Because after this, I'd just have to probably buy my uniform (just the top) and then scout for black pants (dad and I want the ones from Space, in Rustan's and probably look around some more) and shoes (I'm still considering the Crocs, mind you).

Okay enough about this. Dad's taking a bath and I should too. Don't want to delay anything ;)

Wish me luck! Whew.

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