25 Apr 2008


I finally got enrolled and I finally have my schedule with me. Imagine my face when I saw that I had TWO vacant days! And imagine my face when I saw that all my first subjects start at 7 in the morning. Except for my PE of course which the schedule, I chose myself but not the sport (Volleyball. Ugh). See I was supposed to enlist in badminton which is my main sport since summer of sixth grade and finding out that the schedules (I had two choices) were full, I was simply horrified and I didn't know what to take up. Soccer was my main pick. But we don't have soccer during the first semester (CFAD, at least) so I'll take it up next sem. And I will make sure that I enroll early. I don't want to get all the horrifying slots. Ugh.

Supposedly, my classes are on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (my dad laughed at me when he found out!). Basically I have to be out of the house by 5.30 to not be late. I hope it all goes well, though. I've always been late.

I don't want to talk about what happened yesterday. It was horrid.. especially my ID picture. I think I should lose the identification card to have another picture taken. Look, I don't want people behind me checking out how I look like in my ID picture as I swipe my ID while I go inside the building! That's just.. UGH. Anyway, it was a tiring day yesterday. And I'm just glad to get home.

When I did, I immediately watched Gossip Girl since I couldn't stop thinking about it since last Sunday when I bought it. And apparently, my mom arrived from an engagement in San Juan. So she lied down and watched with me. Until Episode 7, at least. You know, the whole sex thing going on between Serena and Dan, and Blair and Chuck? She then, as a mother, couldn't stop lecturing me about how it's not our culture (pre-marital sex) and so on. So right after the episode, I stopped the player and placed the CD on top of the case then mumbled something about not watching it while she's there. And yes, she said something about that too but I didn't catch it since I was already in my room, shutting the door.

This morning though, when I was going to start watching again since she was about to leave and all, I suddenly couldn't find the DVD. Can you guess why? Good enough, she was still outside while I was looking for it so I rushed to her and asked about the CD. She just said she doesn't know anything about it. Pft, who is she mocking anyway? I'm not eight. And I know things! I couldn't find the CD anywhere, I even texted her about it and no response from her. Ugh. I was pissed for a couple of minutes then just settled on watching Devil Beside You that wasn't very interesting but hey, it kept me occupied! In the middle of the Chinovela, Mico called. No, he doesn't usually call me here at home but I guessed that he has nothing to do. So we talked, and he told me that they have a condo in Crame (yes, Camp Crame). And then he suddenly said "Roomies!" and I go "?". When he mentioned this, I already told him about my unattractive schedule (being out of the house by 5.30 in the morning and classes ending at 5/6pm). He actually wants me to live with him and his brother (David) in their parents' condo in Crame. And he said that there was a spare room, which is apparently, his parents'. How could I live there? Jeez. But maybe we'd talk about it some more next time. When our parents are present. Whew, that was kind of off topic but hey, it's a part of the story!

.. And now I'm watching Gossip Girl's eighth episode on YouTube. Tell me how much of a loser I am. At the same time downloading the whole season in Torrent (all thanks to Mico for giving me advice about this whole thing, he even advised me to check out the trash can for the CD because he said that his mom's like that. Throws pirated CDs away. She's into the whole anti-piracy thing). So yes, I'm having fun. Actually.

Ayala tomorrow with Bang (WeeWillDoodle event in Greenbelt) and then Shang with Jepoy. Ah yes, some decent people to hang out with and talk to. Finally.

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