27 Apr 2008

Oh Joy!

So my mom really did throw away (or hide, whatever) my Gossip Girl DVD. Ugh, thank God for YouTube. Pathetic. I'll continue watching it on YouTube anyway. Not that she can stop me or anything.

Congratulations! You just reached the top of the social climbing ladder. That's to the person who thinks she has everything just because he/she knows somebody popular (i.e rockstar, actor, actress, artist, model, any social figure). They say never forget to look back from where you came from. But whatever happened to this person, I don't know. Sweetie, it doesn't mean that if you're connected to somebody such as the people mentioned above means that you should forget what you were. Like, you never ask me for money for your food. As if! Funny how you forgot about hanging out with your friends. You know, the ones who stuck around when you were busy hunting for the opposite sex and flirting with anything that has legs? When we were so busy lecturing you about things like that (love) aren't forced, what did you do? You still went on with your thing. Ah yes, those times. Now we're just so busy to even notice that you're gone and we're so into our careers, studies and our family, busy not being the prodigal child in the family. We all see that you're the type of person who when gets in a relationship completely forgets about the outside world. Goes with the partner everywhere (literally) and anywhere he/she says so. Honestly, sometimes I think you're after that person's money. Sad.

Anyway, why am I ranting about such thing anyway? Such shallow thing. Hmm, let's see.. Maybe because we've been best friends since last year and now you completely blew me and the others off? You can call this bitterness. And yes, I miss you and our sleepovers. (I think this paragraph is totally giving your identity away) I'm not pathetic as you are though, I don't want to continue a low life. Don't expect me to always be there for you after your lover dumps you, or you dump him. Since you do have this thing about breaking up after a hundred days, right? Don't expect me welcoming you with open arms. So maybe I will, but just remember things will never be the same again.

How pointless could this post get? Oh yes, I completely forgot this is my blog after all. And I am now indulging in a sarcastic laugh. This is a post offered to the bestest friend you could ever imagine. The type who leaves you hanging, that is. I'm not completely saying this is a post of hatred, this is just my outlet for my emotions.

Anyway since I'm watching Gossip Girl, I might as well swoon over Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick). I know I know, Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) = Hot. But Dan Humphrey's (Penn Badgley) personality is just, way awesome. And his smooth voice? I wish I had a boyfriend with such. And I love Rufus and Lily's "love team" here. It's amazing. Okay, so I'm gonna get back to my Gossip Girl marathon.

Catch you later.

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