22 Apr 2008

Just a Pre-School Ritual

Lately I've been incredibly drawn to people.com. For some reason I couldn't put my style together. Meaning summer is just not my thing. I've been ranting and ranting to myself and I thought hey, I have a blog, I'd just rant there since it's nice to use fancy words. So here I am in my white tank top and red skinny jeans (I know I said no pants on the previous entry but I had nothing else to wear. My denim cut-off shorts are for tomorrow). Well, you know my style icons right? The Olsen twins, Keira Knightly, Sienna Miller and Agyness Deyn. But the style is just a bit last season so I should go and look for new style icons for the summer. And then there was Gossip Girl. I know that their outfits are more on the cool sides (tights, boots, coats). But her style in Gossip Girl was very feminine. Ruffles, florals and all that Upper East Sider thing. I just love it. I wish I hadn't been so boyish. I was practically a guy back in high school. Heck, I didn't even comb for crying out loud! So how's that? Oh and I don't know, maybe I just wanted to say this but Blake Lively is my ideal Rosalie Cullen for some reason. Nikki Reed? I just don't know. Anyway, I like Blake Lively a lot not just as Bridgette (right?) in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. But as who she is. You know where I'm getting! Anyway I'm going to work on my feminine side. I've been too intouch with my masculinity recently (i.e, by wearing shorts, pants, no dresses, no skirts). Maybe because I don't have skirts, I don't have a lot of dresses either.

I should seriously go shopping. And buy new boots. This sucks, I think I should wait until after I get enrolled in UST.

Well, I miss London anyway. Better shop around next week, my closet is practically giving me a hard time!

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