6 Apr 2008

We all coo'

Mico's birthday was a blast! Even if we had to stay at Omakase (Japanese restaurant in Libis) 'till closing everything was still great. The food was amazing. Probably the best Japanese food I've had so far. After eating and staying in Omakase 'til closing, we bought.. well.. what is there to be bought when it's your birthday? Yes, liquor. After buying these, we went to his house and got ice, glasses and a fork (That we didn't get to use) then drove to the tank.
Yes, that's the tank. It's more of like a rooftop of some sort. Ah well, so we went there and that's where we had our one on one. We talked and had a few shots. And since the driver wasn't available, Mico had to be the one to drive me home. It was his first time to drive without someone authorized in the car. It was a great experience for him since he's already an adult (sort of) and it's sort of memorable for me too because he's the first guy (who isn't my father, or my uncle, or whatever) who drove me home so we're really cool with it. Haha and the great thing was we didn't get drunk. I had all the rights to be, and he doesn't have any since he's the one who's actually going to bring me back to my parents. So yeah, I sort of kept on freaking out on him though. He's a good driver.

Oh, and I just came home from Pangasinan. We didn't go to the beach :( Maybe next time.. SUBIC *drools*. I'm totally looking forward to that one.

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