13 Apr 2008

The Cinemas Keep Me Sane

This week I have seen around four movies, I guess. My Monday (A holiday) was spent with David in Greenhills. Scouting for an incredibly decent point-and-shoot camera and also checking out Wiis and PS3s. He was smitten by the PS3 though, so he's really thinking about whether to get a camera or just the PS3. So anyway, we saw Semi Pro that day. Tuesday rolled by and after school I met up with dad in Makati Cinema Square, bought An Interview With A Vampire and Nacho Libre. Saw those two as well. And then yesterday, I saw The Other Boleyn Girl with Mico. Today, I watched Secret; it's a Chinese movie and you should go see it. It's kind of heart-breaking, actually and I love it! Okay, so that makes five. :))

Just to feed your curious minds on how I thought of the movies I've seen this week, well Semi Pro's funny (I didn't like it too much, obviously). An Interview With A Vampire is extremely amusing and I love it (you know me and my obsession :P). Brad Pitt = HOT, 'nuff said. Nacho Libre is funny and I rest my case. Jack Black is to be loved by everyone. The Other Boleyn Girl was sick (in a good way)! If you're a fan of Across The Universe, then you should see this. "Jude" is Scarlet Johanson and Natalie Portman's youngest brother. Wicked huh? And as for Secret, I love it a lot. I hadn't been smitten to an Asian movie / soap for a long time and this just brought me back to my feet. And I nearly cried.. if only my parent's weren't there. It was so heart-breaking. At some point you might have to clutch onto your chest because of this certain pain. That happens with me, I just don't know with you. See I'm always like this especially when I get carried away. May it be with the books I read or the movies I watch. Ah well, you know what I mean. Bottom line: I love Secret.

As I move on to another topic, you must know how much I loathe Crocs. Even with a passion! But since my mother is over-excited for my college life (which has already started last year) wanted to look for a good, expensive (with its reasons) pair of school shoes. So we browsed through Rustan's. She wanted to buy Aerosoles for me. But WHAT THE HELL RIGHT? I don't want to spend that much amount of money on shoes that I will probably end up using just to walk through UST's field and uneven grounds. And that's not me, I like being practical with a reason. And I like to splurge with a reason as well. But since my mother is insisting on buying me a nice pair, she was actually thinking of Crocs. Yes, those bulky-looking plastic-rubber shoes whatever material it's made of. We actually think it looks like a farmer's shoe.. hmm, yes it does. But when I landed my eyes on Alice (OMG TWILIGHT MEMORIES XD):
It looks good (meaning it doesn't look like a farmer's shoe at all), plus is just TOO comfy. And I could run in them around CFAD's slippery corridors. Especially when I need to go to the bathroom in a hurry or the next class in a rush. It's not that bad isn't it? But we're still looking around. I think it might look a bit awkward with the black pants required. Ah well, come what may. I'm thinking of the Kung-fu flats from TopShop though. But they're not leather.. And I might slip in them. I need something sturdy.


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