29 Apr 2008

I'm in the city!

It's 10.30 in the evening and not at home on a weekday. Yes, I'm actually elsewhere other than where I'm supposed to be (up at the boondocks). Frikkin fab!.. or not.

See, I study in Makati right? So it's fun with a capital F. And then my parents told me to go home ahead of them since they'll be heading back late (like around 11 probably? IDK). So as a good daughter, after having a meeting at Glorietta (Starbucks, the place to be) I went to Ayala Ave. where I usually ride the FX home. But then there was this super long line but I tolerated it - FOR AN HOUR. So how's that for being patient, huh? So yes, I was standing there, barely moving a muscle, waiting in line. Hoping that an FX would arrive soon for us. Good thing I texted my dad who was apparently a few blocks away from me (He was in Rada). So he told me to just go to where he is instead so I wouldn't rot in Ayala. Thank God he ha mercy! And now I am here in the office of whoever owns this (my dad has a project for the boss), online. I haven't been on for two days because my brother has been too into it. Oh well, like I can do anything about that? I'm just glad I'm not standing in line, worrying and extremely nervous to get home late and get another good dose of scolding. Which is not my thing.

I think I can breathe well now. I know I'll be home in a few.

Tomorrow is outfit day! :D We're headed to Rockwell.

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