2 May 2008

I Always Want You . . .

So I finally saw a few parts of the upcoming Twilight movie and boy I was delighted. I got even more excited than I was before! And I found gazillions of icons! They're love.

The other day (Wednesday), I was with Krista and Gen in Starbucks and we were having a healthy conversation about - well - Twilight. And then Krista had a bundle of quotes from the books in her phone which later on inspired me to hook myself up with my own favorites. So last night - or should I say, really early this morning - I gathered all three books with me, Post-Its, a pen and scissors. You should see my books right now. Filled with green paper with quotes at the side! I love Twilight. I'm practically tongue-tied right now to make up flowery words. Hah.

Can't wait. xx

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