27 May 2008


Yesterday was the start of the Philippine Fashion Week and oh boy, for me it was a disaster. The sun was up and it was SO HOT OUTSIDE.

In a nutshell, I wore my BOOTS to start the lovely week. Well the bad parts were that I wore a purple cardigan that made me look fat, a black tank top and shorts that totally didn't match the cardi. :( To me it was a disaster. I could've worn a big shirt, a skinny belt and shorts with Havs for all I care and still carry the look well even if it's basically trash. BUT NO. My outfit yesterday: FAIL! Good thing today was different. Andrei thought I looked nice and so did Aki. I love them both. And I was thinking.. today will be MY start for the Philippine Fashion Week. Yesterday was too much of a mess. Oh, and my classmates scored passes for a few fashion shows.. I can come, sure. IF I'm not too lazy. Maybe Aki and I could just kick it at the mall or something. I don't want to spend too much cash. That would be bad. :( I'm saving up for something very important. But I will still be buying these shoes I found in the ukay. Round toe pumps are love! And the flat ankle boots, I might get for Aki. Or myself. Hah, whatevs.

I'm tired and my eyes hurt.


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