21 May 2008

Do You See The World?

Yesterday I went to David's condo in Makati before mom dropped me off at school. And he showed me a video of Mico and I. Seriously now, I was laughing my ass off. And David got mad at Mico for saying "I'm bitch! I bake (Or was it make? Gah!) cake!". Actually, it was really funny that's why I was laughing.. and the way he said it. Classic! And then after seeing the video and lying on his bed for a few minutes, mom had decided that she should send me to school. So I left.

Funny.. when I was climbing up the stairs, Arci totally freaked out when he saw me -- WITH BANGS! Yeah the short ones. He thought I was some Korean. Sorry, sorry.. I don't have pictures. It's in my camera, still. So yes, everybody in the classroom was pretty much surprised by my sudden change of hair style. If you're wondering what got into my mind when I did this, I was simply bored with my current 'do. I pretty much ignored my round face. I know it was a wrong move. I shouldn't have cut it too short! Hahahaha! *regrets*

After school, my friends and I went to Glorietta (as usual). Aki bought fabric and I saw my mother so I just came with them (her and tita D) since according to her, we were already going to leave in a few minutes. So okay, I came with them and all that. And then, they made me go to where David is and help him shop for long-sleeved polos for school (today is his first day! He goes to CSB :p). So he got one from Folded and Hung, and then two from Maldita. I actually helped him choose the one with the purple pin stripes. For more obvious reasons? Purple is my favorite color. And let's just settle upon the fact that the polo was really nice. So we continued going around. Tita and mom went to where we were (Maldita) and then she (David's mom) paid for the polos. He got a white one too. It's too sexy. He looked like a porn star! Haha, yes I'm kidding. So anyway, we got a necktie from Bench. I honestly don't like Bench as an option for buying neckties. We (David and I) had an eye on this necktie from Maldita. A white, skinny tie. Perfect for any polo he has. Especially the purple one of course! And the one with the black stripes. It's really nice but then they ran out of stock in the Glorietta branch which absolutely sucks. And then we went to Rustan's and looked for the perfect bag where David can put his laptop in. He found something, but his mom didn't like it. And I found something I like too.

Since I was going to start training for football when school starts, I currently have my eyes on a pair of cleats from Nike. It's so glorious! I already love it! -- plus, it's not too expensive. And yes, it is such a misfortune to not be able to find a picture of it. It's black with silver. Haay. *day dreams*

This is a poor excuse of having to post something. This (referring to the image above) is not the ones I want. My brother has the exact shoe. And yes, I'm jealous. He's so meticulous! Sam only uses this pair when he has a game. For training he uses his red Mizunos. Which I don't have a problem with. I'm just envious of his spikes. LOL.

I might settle for Nike Tiempos. They're simple and classic. Hmmm.
Pretty, don't you think? LOL. I'm very very excited. For training and school. Gah!

Not to mention, excessively nervous for the upcoming school year. I think I'd have to wear a headband all the time to not expose the bangs until they're long enough to flaunt. Two weeks would be enough. Oh wait, two weeks from now my classes start. Ok, that's good enough.

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