6 May 2008


Things are suddenly great (despite the fact that my phone is broken)! Let me count the facts.
  1. My mom and I are okay now. So that's great.. And my life isn't completely ridiculous. And it isn't completely hell.
  3. Panic! At the Disco LIVE IN MANILA
  4. I might just be able to go.
Okay so I never really outgrew my music-loving spirit. Since everything depends on the mood when it comes to me. Seriously. And right now I'm all about Twilight. Reading, writing and apples. How weird could I get?

Right now I'm practically hyperventilating as I watch the teaser trailer. OH MY GOD. And I'm reading the book again, for Christ's sake. Most of us, Twilight readers, don't really have any problem with that. And it's practically what I enjoy. With my phone busted, no texting, no sound-tripping, then I'd have to go with reading. And with my brother around, there's almost no way I could escape with the Net. *sobs* Well anyway.. yes, my phone is broken, the LCD is literally whacked. Not the way I want it to be though. And what I really feel bad about, is that all my contacts (bands, stuff like that) are there. So, you get my point right? And the quotes I like from New Moon and Eclipse and Twilight. :( Twilight though.. well my book looks pretty stupid right now, because I've marked all the nice quotes. So no problem with that. But what the hell, right?

You don't know where I'm getting here, do you?

No sweat. ;)

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