5 May 2008

Me Day

Today wasn't a very bad day. It's an extremely bad day. And I'm desperately looking for something that would knock me off for the whole day, just not to deal with the problem(s). My mother just snapped at me again. She always does, I suppose. Honestly, what I did was very petty. And it doesn't deserve to be credited. I know I'm not the best kid around the block but maybe if she'd give me a break, maybe if I gave myself a break things would then go well. See, I was thinking of maybe not living in this house for the mean time. It's making me sick, seriously. And believe me, my life is officially rotten. Well of course that only happened around four hours ago. When my mother told me to not go to school today, and to not go to the shoot on Thursday where I'll be the stylist and photographer (everybody's portfolio purposes). She doesn't understand me. My moodswings aren't very frequent but hers it's like one minute she's in a very chirpy mood and then it changes the next. It's awful, believe me. I've been in this house for seventeen years, seventeen years of my life I've been practically taking it all. You know how stressful it is for me?

Five years to go.

I wrote that on a part of my wall five times. Five years from now, after college and a year after that, I'm planning to get a job abroad. Oh you know, a typical Filipino's fantasy to get out of the country? Turns out I'm one of those very typical Filipinos. I love the country, but then I guess my luck doesn't really belong here. Hopefully I can get a job I like in England or the United States. Is it not a very bad plan? After college I'm planning to work for one more year in the Philippines, just to save up enough money for all the placement stuff, VISA and whatnots. Obviously, I'm taking this very seriously. And you have no idea.

On the lighter side, guess what I found. This is because I don't want to wallow in self-pity all day long. This is because I want to be happy -- and this is what makes me happy.

Nobody knows what's going to appear on the real Breaking Dawn book cover. But I just showed you the most promising ones from its MySpace account. Isn't the first one so intriguing? It gets everybody excited. It lacks a little something though, if you know what I mean.

And of course!
Everybody must love Twilight's promo picture. Heck, I almost hyperventilated when I saw it!
But I think this (above photo) should be the official Twilight poster. Or is it already? It's my wallpaper (cellphone, laptop and computer. Yes, I'm a freak) and I think this is a good way to represent the movie. Since the apple (which is on Twilight's cover) is very, very recognizable by the readers. Anyway, I think I'm already too happy by just discussing with you my favorite book. Ah, and I'm thinking of reading Wuthering Heights next. Catherine's lines intrigued me. And then Love Falls. And how could I ever forget the Gossip Girl series?

Have I mentioned that I'm not supposed to use the computer? Ah well. Too late, I already have.

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