17 May 2008


Last night I was watching Moonlight over RPN/CS. And boy, last night's episode was too TWILIGHT! If you're a Twilight fan then you should go watch Moonlight's 10th episode. It's insane! I mean seriously, while I was watching it, the scene became too familiar. Especially during this one scene. I swear, you should go see it! Here's the link of the episode: CLICK! It made my heart wild inside my chest while clutching the pillow towards me. I love vampire stories ♥

* * *

So tell me about the Philippine Fashion Week (which starts on May 26 and ends on June third)! Anyone going to watch a show or something? Tell me how you got in, please! Haha, well me and my fellow fashion school students (classmates) have decided that since it's going to be fashion week two a week from now, we should dress up as well. Hey, the catwalk isn't the only place where you can showcase your fashion sense, right? If ever we don't get to watch a fashion show, I guess it's okay. And I just found out yesterday that we were going to have a fashion show. Insane as it may sound, it's true. I just don't know how they're planning to do this. I'm scared cos I won't really be able to participate in it since I don't make clothes, I just put them together (Styling lol).. that's my forte actually. That and photography (I'd like to think, at least). I'm hoping this goes really well. Everything I discussed in this single paragraph, I mean.


Matt and Sonny are coming over. I hope they don't get lost, though. Gotta take a bath and be decent.


I don't know if it's me or it's them. But I feel like bashing a baseball bat into someone's (a very specific someone at that) face. Have you ever dealt with a suitor who told you that he really likes you and then all of a sudden you find out that he has a girlfriend but didn't when he started courting you? Do you get my point? Okay so it's like this, a guy was courting me, and then he told me that I was the only one he's courting. And then a while ago (literally), I found out that he has a girlfriend! So sabay kami niligawan. I'm suddenly so bitter. Maybe because I sort of like him. Good thing it didn't go all the way. Oh well.. UST, HERE I COME!

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