12 May 2008

Gloomy Weather

The weather matches what I'm currently listening to right now. Which is Forbidden Love by Death Cab For Cutie. It's suddenly so depressing, thinking of what could happen in the near future and whatnot. I shouldn't be thinking about this in the first place. The future is far too unpredictable and I couldn't make assumptions about it -- I could only hope. And so could you.

Oh, and I would really appreciate the outdoors at the moment. I'd gladly wear my hoody because that's what I absolutely miss about the rain. And being able to dress up in layers, using the coolness of the weather as an excuse. Besides that, I miss being in my tights. I've done enough shaving for the summer.

I hope it starts raining a lot again. That would be just glorious. Actually it already have. But not in Makati, of course. Okay forget the raining part, I just want the weather to be cold and gloomy. I don't have any umbrella with me now.

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