10 May 2008

Light touch my hand

You might have noticed the new addition to my blog (the player) which currently plays my favorite song at the moment: Golden Skans by Klaxons. What's there not to love? It's an absolutely dancey song and I wouldn't want to not dance with it. I would have grooved with the beat together with Aki. Since we do that a lot in school.. an abrupt dancing, twirling around and banging our heads. That's how we do it.

Today is the day when I'm going to start working on my tote bags. Of course, I'd have to start with myself and what I want. Since it is - after all - my business. And I suddenly had this urge of making a Klaxons tote. That would be rockin', don't you think? But I don't think that's allowed, I might as well ask the band themselves. I mean, send them a message through MySpace? But then if it's for personal use, right? Do you think it's okay? I'm hesitant.

* * *
I'm deleting some of my deviations (DeviantArt) right now while listening to Jesus Christ by Brand New. Since I won't be needing all of them anyway, I'm just removing what does not belong. Or once did, but not anymore. You get me here? Failed attempts of being a photographer. Images I took when I was still starting. And it kinda goes way back - around two years, perhaps? Images that don't make me happy (as a photographer) anymore. And that's it.

I was home on a Friday night, and now on a Saturday. For the same, obvious reasons. Couldn't really do anything about it. And I'd still rather be here than outside. I'm basking in Moonlight goodness. But then I couldn't concentrate very well. My mind is elsewhere. Probably in a place where I could dance all night to post-punk, Brit-rock, electro-rock, and whatnot. Wear my best outfit and be with my friends. Do our thing all night long. We had a plan, you know.. have ourselves guest-listed in one of Manila's clubs.. Jaipur and Embassy. Then go back and fort all night and just dance.. maybe meet a few good people who can strike up a nice conversation. Ehh, too bad my parents don't usually allow me. Some day :)

PLUG!! My production will be having another gig on the 21st. Hope you can come! It's going to be a

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