28 May 2008

Sinking In

School wasn't that fun. Honestly. And my day was pretty much incomplete without my best friend. I mean, I'm used to having him around.. in school especially. Oh well, I'll see him tomorrow -- I MUST SEE HIM TOMORROW! I'm borrowing a jacket from him for the show on Friday.

YES!! -- I am going to watch a fashion show with my friends from school at SMX on Friday FOR REALZZZZZ! I know I just said in my recent post that I'm pretty lazy but after a while (Probably a few hours or so), I became excited. Especially when my dad told me I could actually go. I'm ecstatic! He's not really the type who'd allow me to go to a far away place. So maybe MoA isn't too far, but from where I live, oh boy I think I need a visa! Anyway we're watching Gerry Katigbak, Lyle Ibanez and Ramon Favila. Now, I'm actually looking forward to something. Something that is actually worth my time.


Right now I'm not really fussing over what to wear because what I'm actually nervous about is the hair and make up. EEK. I was thinking of something a bit Asian (Korean for me, LOL). And the make up is just.. I DON'T KNOWWWW O_O And also how to not be in the inis init zone. No to shiny face and sticky feelings! That's just gross. :( Oh well, I guess I'd have to get myself an oil film. And oh, the clothes are good but my footwear is still pretty much undecided. I'm eying on a pair of plaid, round-toe pumps I found at the Ukay nearby but I'm saving the cash for Friday. So yes, I do not know where to get shoes. And I'm not going to wear my four-inch stilettos, please.. have mercy on my poor feet. But I am sort of choosing my blue, patented peep-toes.. although I want to wear stockings. *sighs* This is more difficult than I thought.

OK, so right now I am fussing about everything. My whole wardrobe, shoes, hair and make-up! UGH. And I should charge my cam's batteries. They're acting very.. old -- if you know what I mean. Also, KdM is in need of updates. And the fashion week is a good source of outfiteros out there. So if you're one, then you should probably lurk around the Makati area (Glorietta / Green Belt / Ayala) and the Ortigas area (Shangri-La Mall).



*dies out of frustration* LOL

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