9 May 2008


Jason Castro is out of American Idol :( T_T I'm sad because I won't be able to see him there anymore. But I would have to be honest with all of you, he does deserve it - getting voted out, I mean. He forgot the lyrics to I Shot The Sheriff. Not very nice. Too bad, I like his voice (and his face) - it's so smooth and calm and cool and it's like a lullaby to my ears. But then, he just doesn't deserve it. He's against David Cook, David Archuleta and Syesha Mercado for crying out loud! And I'm most definitely confident that David Cook will make it to the grand finals. And he'd probably be going against David Archuleta. But I'm so betting on David Cook -- all the way.

Ugh, I already know what people in church will be telling me on Sunday. About the whole Jason Castro, getting voted out and stuff like that. They won't be a lot though, it'll be easy to handle. And I definitely won't let it get out of hand. Definitely not! As long as David Cook is there, I have nothing more to worry about. But his votes. :))

Other things that I'm very thrilled about? Can I say Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun? And the fact that I just had the two books reserved? Can you believe it?! Midnight Sun is really going to be released after Breaking Dawn! At first I couldn't believe my ears when I asked the girl behind the counter at Power Books if she's actually talking about Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer and the fact that she told me yes blew me away! I hope what she's saying is true, though. Because I'm just so anxious to get my hands on it.

Hyperventilating - one thing that I've been doing a lot lately. Crazy, isn't it? Whenever I read, I suddenly notice how uneven my breathing gets. And it's not really fun.. listening to myself breathe that way. It's very annoying.

To all Quizilla enthusiasts out there (like myself). Check out the new layout!
Sassy isn't it? I mean, of course it's confusing! I'm still trying to familiarize myself to it and I bet it won't be too hard. It's just like the previous one, I hope. Although there are big changes.. both literally and not. Right now I'm having a difficulty with it.

And another thing..
I'm more of a fan of their love story than the others. Oh, and Blair's too. It's better than Serena's. I love Serena and all that but her love life rocks too much. An unstable one like her mom's and her best friend's is almost exactly what I'm looking for. I love conflicts. And I love it not applying to my own life. I feel like I'm too ordinary for that.

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