21 Apr 2008

A New Kind of Love

I've never read a book. AT ALL. I know, it sucks (that I haven't, I mean). But last night I started watching the first season and I like it. Heck, I might even love it! But I hate the fact that I'm already watching the series while I still don't have my hands on the book. And I have a lot to spend on. Maybe it's time to tell my dad that I need a new book.. again. It's practically the only thing I ask from him and mom. A new book. They would rather buy me books than clothes. Is it normal? Jen's mom would rather buy her clothes than books. She (the mom) said that books will just rot in the book shelf. Since Jen's just going to read it once. Ah well, books are fun. They make me happy and depressed (it depends on the story and how it ends). And it entertains me. That's what's important!

I prefer Serena than Blair. I don't know, maybe it's the character? But who am I to judge? I haven't even read the book. Maybe I should.. don't you think? *pauses* I think so too! Then I can't wait to go to Bonifacio High Street again. They probably have all the books I want.

Like Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan . Have you read it? I was eyeing on it since I-don't-know-when in Powerbooks. Ah well, I find it very intriguing. Two teens falling for each other overnight. That's something, don't you think? I mean, that doesn't usually happen right before our eyes everyday. I think it's a unique story. Honestly now. Oh and there'll be a movie about it, too! What's up with novels becoming movies nowadays huh? Most of us readers prefer books of course and the movies disappoint us. But we give them a shot anyways! That's fair. A little bit of trivia about the up and coming movie, the guy who's playing Nick is.. *drumroll*.. the guy who played Paulie Bleeker in Juno. Amazing and absolutely cool. Norah's persona though is very pretty. Kat Dennings. Who I think looks a little too old for Michael Cera's baby-face. But he's what? Around nineteen? Oh wait, almost twenty.

Apparently I'm looking at this site about the movie. I was only looking for a synopsis and this is what I got. More to look forward to; great! I was kind of hoping to see more movies this year. This summer actually. So yeah, if you've read the book, the movie's coming out on the eighth of October. In the States, at least. I wonder if it'll be shown here in this country. Hmm.. Oh oh! And this Asian guy in Disturbia's going to be there, too! Goody goody. *grin*

Here's another novel that I want to read. Love Falls by Esther Freud. Whew, since when did I start reviewing books? Damn. So anyway it's about a seventeen-year old whom her father asked to come with for a vacation in France. She falls in love, go figure.

Oh yes, the amazing benefits from staying in Shang for a long time. Thank God for National Bookstore and Powerbooks. They've been a constant hang-out next to our (me and my friends) ever-so-often The Ledge. It's a gift, I tell you. The bookstores and Ledge. But then there's nothing else like Fully Booked in Bonifacio High Street. They have loads of books. In fact they have too many, I don't even know where to start! But I personally like browsing in the young adults / teen section. I'm a sucker for teeny-bopperish love stories. And I know that deep inside, you are too. There's no use denying here now. Be honest.

I wish I had a job. Or at least have a loaded ATM card so I can buy all the books I want. I guess the Gossip Girl series will keep me busy all summer long. Or weekends, rather. Since I'd be busier with school (fashion school). Where were we? Oh, the money! Yes, of course. I'm not going to pretend that I'm some girl here who's filthy rich. That's just.. not true. My family's sort of well off? I don't know how to describe it. AGH, the hell. That's not important.

It's summer, it's extremely hot, and my closet is loaded of jackets and hoodies. I have dresses sure but I guess I've been trapped in my black tights, dark-colored dress, and my ever so trusty black patented flats combo since the rainy season. And seriously? I don't wanna be trapped in them. I need new stuff, people! And I should seriously stop hoping for at least a rainy summer. I'm talking about summer dresses, gladiator sandals, shorts, florals, skirts, flirty/flowy tops, plaid and NO PANTS! Not exactly no pants but you know what I mean.

Say hello to my style icons during the cold:

The Olsen twins (more of MK, actually), Keira Knightley, Sienna Miller and of course, how can I ever miss my favorite model, Agyness Deyn?

As for my closet staples during the good times.

My original red and white Shemagh scarf, dresses with black opaque tights, the flats that I practically live in (I got mine from Debenhams, they don't really look like that on the picture) and my flat, gray, scrunchy boots from Baguio, which I love.

You have no idea how much I miss those days where I can freely wear tights. I miss wearing tights. I miss wearing my boots. My flipflops make my feet wider. I should probably stop wearing them already this summer and try to look for new flats. I'm telling you, I've used mine so many times they literally have to be replaced.

I've got a lot in mind. But dad needs to use the computer now. Pls pls plssss replace the video card. The PC's practically shutting down by its own *sobs*.


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