7 Dec 2010

Oh Hello There

You might have noticed that I only update this blog every time I'm in the computer lab. Just like this instance. Well, I honestly don't have anything better to do today so I would much rather be productive one way or the other. And this, my friend, is my own little way of not being stagnant.

Sleep has been the only thing I've been craving for since I was in my first year of college when I first experienced sleepless nights. Take note of the s after night. There was a time wherein I didn't sleep for a while week. I almost never slept. I'd have a couple of hours of sleep a day and that's it.

Anyway, it's December, fools! I can seriously smell and literally see the spirit of Christmas especially here in UST. Christmas lights everywhere, the tree's up as well (it's not a real tree, though). And how can I ever forget the fast-growing number of street kids singing Christmas carols in exchange for money? Malls have been going on sale as well which is pretty exciting. I honestly can't wait to get a hold of my Christmas cash.

Wants vs. Needs
What do I need?
I need a complete family.
A boyfriend who I specifically need to have scruffy hair, thick-rimmed glasses and a dominant creative side.
Money. Definitely money. To buy all my loved ones fancy gifts.

What do I want?
Clothes. Lots and lots of clothes. And I need to have my Infinite tattoo retouched.

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