19 Mar 2013

What's in My Bag v.4

Just thought of a quick post before heading over to UST for our Baccalaureate Mass.

I haven't had a What's in My Bag post for almost a year now and it's time for an update! Not to mention, I'm a sucker for making these kinds of entries.

I love using my Gucci body bag. It fits everything I need minus all the bulk!

Well this is all of it.

  •  Black sharp cat-eye sunnies
  • Maybelline pressed powder
  • "Baby Lips" by Maybelline
  • Vitress
  • Accessorize Union Jack Wallet

  •  Black and gold Cricket automatic lighter
  • Sephora custom palette (it came with my Colorista Palette)
  • Earphones
  • iPhone + Vans Waffle case
  • iPod Nano
  • Brown sharp cat-eye sunnies
  • Palladio lipstick in Coral Punch
  • Some body spray I nicked from my mom's dresser
  • Bayo perfume in "Powder" - This is what keeps me smell fresh all day!

And last but not the least, my wand. Because, seriously? What's a witch without it?

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