27 Mar 2011

Day 4 / Day 5

Since I'm a day late once again, it's going to be another two-in-one sort of post.

Day 4: Four Secrets
  1. That time I told my mom that I was sleeping over at my dad's place, I was really in a party getting shit-faced with my friends.
  2. I steal songs from my brother's folder in the computer. But I think he already knows that.
  3. I wear granny panties when I go to bed. Not like you have to know it.. I mean, it's probably TMI but what the hell.
  4. Sometimes, it may seem that I'm clingy and sweet. But deep inside, I'm really distant and unattached.

Day 5: Five things that someone wouldn't know about you
  1. I have alektorophobia (fear of chickens). And it's not funny.
  2. I can be a good liar when I need to be.
  3. When I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, I don't bring my attitude to where I have to go.
  4. I rarely listen to pop / rnb / hiphop songs
  5. My music taste only goes back and fort from rock and electro. But I swear, my horizons are wide.

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