26 Mar 2011

Day 3: Three of your favorite bands / artists

So I totally missed my third day (which was yesterday) because I was so busy hanging out with my friends, David and Ched. Plus, I was buzzed up until I woke up this morning and even when I got home. Totally lost the sensation when I got up from my three-hour nap.

Moving on!

1. Phoenix
These guys has got to be one of my favorite bands ever. How can I not love them? Their tunes never fail to lighten my mood whenever I'm having a bad day and they always get me to my feet, making me bob my head up and down.

2. All Time Low
What can I say? This group of boys who play their pop punk songs are stuck inside the cavity of my chest also known as my heart. You should see my iPod, it's filled with All Time Low songs.

3. The xx
For those cold nights I spent alone in my bedroom. For those nights I spend with friends trying really hard to get stoned. For those nights in the car where all we have is an awkward silence. I love The xx and their melancholic / mellow sound. They're the kind of band that you'd like to listen to when you're hung-over cause I swear, they sing the softest and nicest sounds I've ever heard.


Misha said...

What can i say, i turn into a squealing 15 when it comes to ATL xD love their music& the guys ^^

Anne Vee said...

Me too! They're awesome. I wish I can see them live one day. When I get out of here of course :P