1 Mar 2011

February is over!

Twenty-eight days of February have gone and it's time for us to start the month of March. As a kick start, I would like to share with you guys my block's retreat during February 21 up until the 22nd. An overnight sort of event held in Caleruega. It was pretty kick ass for a Monday if you ask me.

Desiree and I

The extremely adorable and lovable dogs in the retreat house. It was so hard to ignore them!


As we were going around the place, my friend and blockmate Jerome saw this nest. It was the first one I saw one with chicks in it.

The retreat went well. It strengthened our friendships and helped build our characters a bit. So yeah. It's weird I'm not discussing anything in regards of fashion but I think this is good enough. A filler, definitely but I'd rather update than do nothing about it. So, later kids. ;)

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