20 Mar 2011

Mini Rant

I just realized how uninteresting I must be for a twenty-year-old. Okay, so I’m not a teen anymore and my life has been absolutely nothing but a bore for the past two months due to school and crap like that. Seeing that my so-called “social life” is basically non-existent at the moment and my only link to the outside world is school, plus my “night life” has vanished almost completely off the face of the planet. Now I’m actually starting to feel bad for myself.

Last night was the first attempt I have tried to socialize in weeks! And it was to help my friend for her freaking school project. I know, I know.. my existence is as lame as it gets. But this I promise you, next weekend, I will party and I will party hard. Besides, by that time my life would be a ball (Ha ha Rebecca Black)! School’s going to be over and I’ll be having all the time in the world (two months IRL). All I have to do is to make the most out of it. I’ll be wearing my “Balenciaga” Harness boots, act all bad ass, smoke hemp and go crazy. Okay so I’m probably not going to be doing those but hey, a girl can dream.

And yes, I just ranted on my blog. Now prove me that I’m not that uninteresting person that I think I am and ask me stuff through Tumblr. There must be a couple of you guys who happen to come across my blog and think that "hey, this girl isn't that bad at all" and it just sucks to think/assume that you probably see me as some heartless bitch or a weird clingy girl (If ever, I really hope it's not the latter. I've been called a heartless bitch so many times it actually doesn't faze me anymore). And I’m pretty sure none of you would do that (unless of course, you were bored when you found me here)! So come on. Don’t make me feel like I’m this old, boring person who is not cool at all because I swear, I have a little bit cool on me.

I swear to God I am not always like this.

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Misha said...

dude, your latest posts could have been my own x] I thought, yeah uni= work + party but the reality is you either work or you party. maybe i haven't found the right balance yet but I didn't enough highschool so i doubt uni, on the long run, will be any different ( but the peoply are way cooler!)
mayabe, we are two sad 20yr old individuals? who knows but atleast we aren't the only ones xD