24 Mar 2011

The 15-Day Challenge

Yesterday, I've decided to do this 15-Day Challenge thing that I came across in Tumblr. I'm not exactly into these kinds of stuff but I thought - hey, it wouldn't be so bad if I gave it a shot right? I obviously already started last night so I'll be posting day 1 and 2 right now. (I hope you don't mind!)

DAY 1: A Picture of Yourself

Anyway, that’s me (no shit?) last Valentine’s day. I had a date - with Nicole of course! We just finished shopping and I just picked up Tyler. Also just finished having some early dinner (Mexicali, YUM!). We decided to pick up some bubble tea and headed over to Toy Kingdom. It was a fun day. :) We both had a great time.

DAY 2: Things You Love

My 5th Gen iPOD Nano. A gift from my dad. Definitely one of the things I don’t leave home without. Music is a part of me and other than art, it’s pretty much my second nature. It takes me to a different world - my own little version of “peace and quiet” no matter how loud or soft my music is (genre-wise). In other words, music is not only my passion but also my escape. Somewhat like my home away from home - if that made any sense.

Toms. Because holly hell, they are the most comfortable shoes I own! I can practically die in them, seriously. The best thing about these shoes other than how comfortable they are is the fact that I can just wear them with anything. Even my uniform!

* * *

Do you know what this means? It means I get to update my lonely blog everyday so it wouldn't be so lonely anymore. How's the sound of that? Oh, and if you want, you can always try this too!

Day 1: Post a picture of yourself
Day 2: Two things you love
Day 3: Three of your favorite bands / artists
Day 4: Four secrets
Day 5: Five things that someone wouldn't know about you
Day 6: Six things you accomplished today
Day 7: Seven words that describe you
Day 8: Eight things about your family
Day 9: Nine things you look for in a significant other
Day 10: Ten things that cross your mind often
Day 11: Eleven things you miss the most (memories, friends, etc)
Day 12: Twelve things you'd like to do this school year
Day 13: Thirteen places that you want to visit before you die
Day 14: Fourteen things you can't live without
Day 15: Fifteen goals you have for your life


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