30 Mar 2011

Day 7 / Day 8

Day 7: Seven words that describe you
  1. Independent
  2. Unattached
  3. Indecisive
  4. Moody
  5. Random
  6. Artsy
  7. Eccentric

Day 8: Eight things about your family
  1. I only have one sibling (a younger brother)
  2. Everybody in my family is involved with art (one way or another)
  3. Both my parents graduated from UST
  4. My brother and I study in UST
  5. I only have one grand-parent left (dad's side) :(
  6. My mom hates my tattoos.. therefore, I shall get some more
  7. I have cool parents
  8. I'm taking up the same course that my dad did when he was in college

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