17 Apr 2010


Today was a great day. I hung out with one of my good buddies, Nicole. We went swimming, ate and watched This is England and ended up not finishing it because we were too hungry to do so. It was basically uneventful but we had loads of fun.

Y'all might think it's weird that I'm really good friends with my ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend but neither of us (Nicole and myself) give a damn about it anymore. I mean, it's just some petty thing we don't care about. So yes. I love her. She's amazing. :)

We've actually made plans on going to England after college for further studies or to just work. Isn't it an amazing plan? We don't wanna jinx anything. But I guess blogging about it does? Well I'd really appreciate it if you guys would pray for us and all that. We have so many things to worry about, two years isn't enough for fixing everything. So yeah, I need to stop shopping and start saving up!

Ciao x

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