30 Apr 2010

I Love The Rain

I absolutely love and adore the rain. What can I say? I'd rather have it raining than to get heat stroke. Lately it's been extremely hot and I'm really happy that it started raining the other night. And last night. And it rained here tonight already! So yes, that certainly uplifted my mood.

This is what I wore the other day (Wednesday) when I went shopping with my super fabulous friend-slash-soul mate, Nicole. A plaid vest, a white "Indie Fever" printed tank top, black denim cut-offs (all of which I've successfully DIY-ed), a pair of black slip ons and my ever-so-trusty black chained bag that I got for an extremely low price at a thrift shop. The glasses are from Nicole! She's so lovely.

I bought
  • A pair of white sneakers similar to what I'm wearing in the photo
  • A striped dress
  • A tiger-printed mini-dress
  • An electric blue patented skinny belt
Yeah that's it. But they're all pretty nice and I can always go back for more.

All in all, this week hasn't been so bad. It's not over yet so who am I to speak right? Plus I don't want to jinx anything. Tomorrow I'll be having dinner with my high school friends or maybe we'll go night swimming but we're still not sure about that. Might be able to wear the striped dress tomorrow if ever we're going to have dinner instead of swimming.

See I'm not really a fan of water sports. I don't know why.

Looking forward to a better weekend!

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