2 Nov 2007

I'm Back!

To blogging here in blogger :D I was on hiatus for such a long time, you see. And I don't even mind updating any of you with my life. And right now, I have started a new blog. New URL and all that.

You can still check out and read my previous posts in anne-x. And I also post blog entries in my multiply (contacts only) and deviantArt (in it are mostly my photography).

Last night I was indulging in Becoming Jane. Her life was rather interesting. Some of you might have found it boring and incredibly unworthy to see but she's a writer, and I wanted to be a writer. Well now I'm striving to be a fashion photographer and a designer. And I haven't realized this until the last minute. So yes, I will keep this post short as of now. Maybe I will update again in a while. ;)

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